This morning, I was out walking the dog and on my way back in, I walked face-first into a spider web.

This wasn't one of those little left-over spider webs that you wipe off and go on with your life -- this was one of those giant, it's-been-there-for-a-while, it's-full-of-dead-bugs, it's-sticky-because-it-rained-a-little spider webs. It was one of those spider webs that apparently stretched from way over there to way over there and I walked right in the middle of it.  It was so sticky I couldn't open one of my eyes all the way.

And when you start your morning off that way, I couldn't help but think that every once and a while, you hear stories on the news about bugs crawling into people's ears and growing, then one day they get a headache and no one knows why, then a week later they find a bug living inside of them -- in fact, there was a story the other day where a snail grew out of a kid's knee.

Damn you, spider web...