OK, you computer geeks and underground internet rats.... I have an assignment for you!

Get me a full copy of the new Kenny Chesney song, "American Kids."

That's it.

The song isn't due to be released until the morning of June 20th. WAIT! Hold the phone! That's the same day - June 20th - that he played Wildwood in 2012! Hmmm.

Anyway, Kenny has released a preview of this new song... but not the whole thing. I want the whole thing. I want a chance to play it in full on the radio way before anyone else.

Can you help me? Can you find me a full copy of it? If you can, send it to me: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com. If you find it, I'll give you full credit on the air - or not, if you prefer.

C'mon geeks and internet-dwellers! Accept my challenge bring me the head of Kenny Chesney! Err... the song of Kenny Chesney!

(PS.... If you do anything illegal and get busted.... you're on your own!)