One of the most well known game show hosts from the '70s and '80s died today at the age of 79, exactly 16 years after another Family Feud host died.

If you grew-up on game shows like I did, you know that Richard Dawson was one of the most well known game show panelists and hosts from the '70s and '80s. After spending several seasons on Hogan's Heroes and Laugh In, Richard Dawson became a panelist on Match Game '73, hosted by Gene Rayburn. By 1975, Dawson was signed to host a new game show called Family Feud, which debuted in 1976. The show became an instant success and Dawson anchored the show until it was canceled in 1985. He would later return to host Family Feud in 1994, replacing Ray Combs as the host.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Ray Combs, who hosted Family Feud following Richard Dawson, died on June 2nd, 1996. Richard Dawson died exactly 16 years later, on June 2nd, 2012.