Gary Allan's follow-up single to 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' is an uptempo country/rock song that is more optimistic than his other songs.

The song tells the story of how every little experience builds together to make Allan whole.  Piece plus piece has made him who he is today.

Predictable, yes.  But it's a nice song with a good story.

"Pieces of my heart / Pieces of my soul / Pieces that I'm gonna be, I don't even know / I gave a lot to lovers / Gave a lot to friends / Everything I took from them / Made me who I am / Pieces."

It may seem cliche, but it's true.  Every experience in life comes together to make you a whole person.  And with the life that Gary Allan has gone through so far, the songs speaks a lot about his optimism.  He seems grateful for the life he's been given.

As we all should be.

Listen to Gary Allan's 'Pieces' here -