This week on Georgia's 5 Favs, it's a smorgasbord of random fun stuff!

1.  'Divergent' -

It took me way too long to finally see this movie!  I read the first two books in the 'Divergent' series - I'm currently finishing the third...  I love a good dystopian story, so this movie fits the bill.  It's action packed and follows the books to a "T."  And Four is ridiculously handsome.... That helps :)


2.  My Peace Snowman -


I love my peace snowman!  I picked him up last year at A Christmas Tree Shop.  I think I paid all of $3.99 for him.  He's super cute and reminds me every morning what the holidays are all about.  I put him in my bathroom so he can be my reminder throughout the Christmas season.


3.  The Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser -


If you know me, then you know my love for The Beauty Blender.  However, I was never a huge fan of the liquid cleanser made for the makeup sponge.  So, I always used a bar of soap to clean it.  Well, the geniuses over at Beauty Blender have come up with their own little bar of soap that is used to clean the sponge!  And it works like a charm!  Perfection!


4.  Epic Meal Empire on FYI -

It's hard to explain this new-ish TV show on the FYI Network....  I stumbled upon a marathon of the show one random Saturday & I've been hooked since!  They consist of a group of friends that make weird and outrageous meals.  Like Candy Taco, Nachus Maximus and the epic recipe in the video above...  The General Tsonut Burger.  They're raunchy, hilarious and crude.  And I love them.


5.  Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Conditioner -


I usually use the original Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products, but when I went to restock my conditioner, the store was out of the original conditioner!  Gasp!  So I picked up this lemon sage scented thickening conditioner.  Dare I say I like it better than the original?  It's lightly scented, not overpowering.  And it works really, really well.  My hair is think and silky.  Stock up on this conditioner to get you through the cold temperatures that await us....

And that's Georgia's 5 Favs for this week!!  As always, if there's a product, fun event or a recipe, etc that you think I might enjoy - let me know!