This week's 5 Favs consists of food, food and more food!  And Juan Pablo....

1.  Carmine's


If you've never been to Carmine's Italian restaurant at Tropicana in Atlantic City, you are doing yourself a disservice.  I've been there many times, but last week, my girlfriends and I were lucky enough to go to the brand new Carmine's at the Forum Shops at Caesar's in Las Vegas!  Oh my.  We ate SO MUCH FOOD!  And had some really delicious cocktails too!

We started out with a Chef's Specialty appetizer.  Mozzarella and tomato, seafood salad, eggplant, smoked salmon, prosciutto and mortadella, olives....


We had stuffed artichokes...


We also had the legendary Caesar salad, meatballs, country style rigatoni and some bubbly!


My two friends and I were on vacation, why not eat a lot and drink champagne at lunch?

But then dessert came out.  This is called The Titanic.  It's built to order and made to look just like the ship it's named after.   And it weighs five pounds.  And it was delicious.  And the three of us barely made a dent...


It was a fantastic afternoon at Carmine's, I can't thank Lynn from Carmine's here in AC and Tara at Carmine's in Las Vegas enough!  They both took such great care of us!  Thank you!

Needless to say, we took a long nap after this lunch!

2.  The Bachelor

Getty Images

Oh Juan Pablo.  Why do you say, "It's ok" so much.... But I have really enjoyed this season so far.  I won't spoil anything if you are behind, but I kind of wish the remaining two were a different remaining two.  If ya know what I mean...

3.  Rent the Runway


Rent the Runway is an online service (mostly) where you can rent designer dresses for up to 8 days.  It's brilliant.  In the picture above, (that's Kristina on the left, Amy in the middle and yours truly on the right) the two right dresses are from Rent the Runway.  My dress was the Robert Rodriguez Candlelight Romance Shift.  Here's how this service works - find a dress online that you want to rent (for a wedding, a vacation or just a fun night out, etc), pick a size (and a second size, just in case), pick a 4-day rental or an 8-day rental, then purchase. The dress arrives in a dress bag that you get to keep and a self addressed UPS (postage paid already) bag to return the dress.


Did I mention that it's brilliant?  The great thing about our dress rentals is that Rent the Runway has two physical stores, one in New York City and the other in Las Vegas!  So, of course, when my friends and I were in Vegas last week, we shopped around the store!  I already rented my dress and packed it to go with me, but I still tried on some fun dresses in the store.  And any store that gives you champagne while shopping is A-OK in my book!


4.  Static Guard


My friend Kristina (see picture above) introduced me to this amazing spray while we were in Las Vegas.  With all the cold weather, all of my clothes have crazy static cling.  A few sprays of this stuff and static-no-more!  And a bottle is $3 at the store.  Can't beat that.

5.  Atlantic City Restaurant Week

Kzenon, ThickStock

Atlantic City Restaurant Week is coming up next week!  I'm so excited to try a bunch of restaurants!  Where should I go???  Obviously, Carmine's at the Tropicana should be on your list!  If you need any persuasion, see #1 above...  Capriccio's at Resorts is also another great option!  Check out the link above to see all of the participating restaurants.  AC Restaurant Week is from March 2nd through March 8th!