Georgia's 5 Favs this week is all about the movies - I happened to see a few good movies this past week...

1.  Saving Mr. Banks -

This was such a great, lighthearted movie.  Emma Thompson deserves awards for her performance as the author of the Mary Poppins books.  I hated her in the film - until the end, of course :) If you haven't seen it yet, get together with your family this weekend and watch this movie.  You will not regret it.


2.  Dallas Buyers Club -

And now, a MUCH different kind of movie...  Saving Mr. Banks is a movie you can watch with your whole family.  Dallas Buyers Club is not.  It has very heavy issues with lots of sex and lots of drugs.  Good and bad drugs.  The story is incredible.  The acting is truly incredible.


3.  Jelly Beans -


Jelly beans of any brand are good, but these specialty jelly beans that keep popping up Easter season after Easter season are the bee's knees!  I've heard that the Nerds jelly beans and the Jolly Rancher ones are pretty tasty, too!



OMG.  What little girl (in the late 80's....) didn't covet these famous flats!  You were not cool in elementary school if you didn't have a pair of Sam & Libby bow flats.  And, omg, they are back.  Exclusively at Target.  I resisted buying a pair last week (and they're leather...), but I'm going to Target tonight...  I'm not sure I can resist them again.



I have heard that cocoa butter is a great way to smooth cellulite and stretch marks (I know some pregnant woman who swear by it...) but I've never really given it a chance.  Until now.  You know that I've teamed up with Synergie Center in Linwood for a couple of different treatments to lose some inches (I've lost over 4 total inches so far!!!) and to tone and tighten my skin (my cellulite is a lot less noticeable!!).  Well, I figured jumping on the cocoa butter bandwagon couldn't hurt.  The results from Synergie have been amazing, so why not help that process along?  Palmer's is the more expensive brand of the two major cocoa butter lotions.  Queen Helene is much less expensive, but the store I went to didn't have it, so I opted for Palmer's.

And that's Georgia's 5 Favs for this week!  Do you have any cool products that you're loving?  Tell me all about them!  Maybe I will feature them here!