I've included some really great makeup in this week's Georgia's 5 Favs and, yes, a secret menu from one of your favorite coffee shops!!

1.  Boi-ing by Benefit -


This is THE BEST CONCEALER you will ever use.  The color above is 02 and it literally will change your life.  It works well for blemishes and discoloration, but it's a great under-eye concealer too.  It doesn't disappear, it doesn't cake, it's simply perfect!  I received a sample in my Birchbox ages ago and I just finished it, so this is my brand new, full size Boi-ing!  Love love love.


2.  Skinnytaste Spicy Shrimp with Garlic and Chilies -

I've posted many recipes from Skinnytaste before.  (here and here)  The recipes are easy and healthy - and OMG, she has a cookbook coming out soon!  <---FANGIRL MOMENT---> Ok, on to these spicy shrimp...  On our honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband and I ate our way through just about every shrimp truck on Oahu's North Shore.  We've tried to replicate the spicy, saucy and butter-laden shrimp from our honeymoon without all the butter.  Here's our answer!  These shrimp are so tasty and spicy and delicious without all the butter.


3.  Benefit Fakeup -


I'm all about concealer this week!  Benefit's Fakeup has lighter coverage than Boi-ing above (see #1).  I use Fakeup on those mornings when I just need a light concealer.  Boi-ing is for those mornings after a rough night of sleep, or one too many cocktails the night before... This cover-up, as you can see in the photo above, has the concealer in the middle surrounded with a moisturizer.  So it's very hydrating.  I love Benefit products!


4.  Starbucks Secret Menu -

I suppose it's not such a secret anymore...  News organizations have blown the cover this week!  ABC did a story about the secret menu the other evening and Instagram has been #Hashtagging #Secretmenu for a long time.  I've only tried a few things off of the secret Starbucks menu before - sometimes you get a barista that has no idea what you're talking about - or you get a seasoned pro that makes your Butterbeer Frappuccino...  Either way, it's pretty cool to see!  There 's a secret menu at Chipolte, too!


5.  Asparagus!! -


This is the second asparagus stalk that has popped up in my yard!  My father-in-law gave me some asparagus roots several years ago and they have been growing ever since.  We don't get a ton of stalks, but usually we can harvest enough for dinner for two.  They grow so quickly, this stalk will be ready to pick this evening.  Spring is here!

And, as always, comment below if you have a fun new product recipe or anything fun that I could post on Georgia’s 5 Favs!