Georgia's 5 Favs this week has some really cool stuff included!

1.  Muller's Greek Corner Yogurt with Honeyed Apricot -


Yum!  I've just started to get back into yogurt....  I took a hiatus for a bit.  And this is a fantastic way of bringing Greek yogurt back into my diet.  The honey taste isn't too strong and the apricot is just sweet enough.  Pair this bad boy with a salad and you have a perfectly healthy lunch.


2.  Women's Health 15 Minute Workout, Build a Better Body in 3, 2, 1 -

Think Stock

I was reading an issue of Women's Health at the gym the other morning and I came across this quick workout and thought, "why not?"  It was quick and easy, you don't need crazy equipment, just some dumbbells.  And I was sore the next day!  Try it out some time!  (Click the link above to see the whole workout.)


3.  Snack Factory Chocolate Pretzel Crisps -


I picked up these pretzels at BJ's.  The are very similar to the ones I love from Trader Joe's... in a bigger bag and easily accessible.  Considering the closest Trader Joe's is in Mount Laurel....


4.  'Gone Girl' -

I've waiting three long years for this movie!  It comes out tomorrow, so it's kind of weird that's it's included in my 5 Favs today....  I haven't seen it, but I will try to see it this weekend.  This was one of my favorite books of the last couple of years.  When someone asks me for a book recommendation, I always say 'Gone Girl.'  I have a friend who got to see an early release of the movie and he said it was one of the best movies he's seen all year!  I. Cannot. Wait.


5.  American Rag Pleather Jacket -


I just bought this jacket yesterday from Macy's.  The one I bought is a little bit darker than the picture here.  And it's on sale!  It's a cute and comfy jacket that will work well through fall before I have to bust out my wool coat for the winter...

If there's something fun that you think I might enjoy - restaurant, music, book, etc.  Comment below!  You might just see it here on Georgia's 5 Favs!