Things in Atlantic City are looking better -- and here's some good news about the world's largest Cat Ball.

Clouds are reflected in the glass exterior of the former Revel casino in Atlantic City (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

We all know that Revel in Atlantic City closed several months ago, leaving a dark void at the north end of the Boardwalk. But as things turn around at the shuttered resort, some signs of life are beginning to emerge as at least part of the casino plans to  reopen in June: the world's largest Cat Ball at the top of Revel is glowing again.

Now, technically, the big white ball at the top of the building is a work of art called, "the pearl." When Revel was open, it lit up, changed colors, and did all kinds of cool stuff. But I never called it "the pearl" -- I always called it the world's largest Cat Ball.

Anyway, The Press of Atlantic City reports that as of Monday night, the pearl (the world's largest Cat Ball) is glowing again. And that's a good thing for Atlantic City.

P.S. - Glenn Straub, if you happen to read this: we can probably hook you up with a real Cat Ball if you want one.