It's been years in the making. Planning and construction of the re-do of the Airport Circle near the Atlantic City Airport is now complete.

Yes, the Airport Circle has given way to: the Airport Circle with a Road Through It!

Oh, you thought the Airport Circle was going away? Not quite. If you look at it from the sky, it probably resembles a circle with a line through it - the international symbol for "no." No, as in no parking, no smoking, and apparently, still no easy way around the intersection of 5 roadways.

If you're wondering how to navigate the circle with a line through it, here's how - according to a press release from the Atlantic County Office of Information:

Delilah Road now cuts through the middle of the circle. Left turns from Delilah Road onto the circular roadways are prohibited. Motorists who wish to access Tilton Road and the Atlantic City International Airport from Delilah Road must keep to the right when approaching the first traffic signal at the circle, then merge onto the old circular roadway.

Motorists approaching the circle on Tilton Road will be permitted to turn right onto Delilah Road at the traffic signal or proceed across Delilah Road and continue around the circle. Continuing down Tilton Road, motorists will encounter a free-flowing, yield-controlled right turn. Motorists traveling on Amelia Earhart Boulevard will enter the circle to access Delilah Road and Tilton Road.

Yeah, that sounds easy..... So, I just mash the gas pedal and keep my right turn signal on, right?