Cat Country 1073, like all radio stations in the United States, is licensed and regulated by the FCC - the Federal Communications Commission.

The power of our transmitter, the pattern of our antenna coverage, and more are all strictly watched over by the FCC. We have always operated, since day #1, on our maximum allowable power.

But, wait...... there's a government shutdown going on. There's no one to watch over us.

So, we're cranking up the juice. This morning, due to the federal shutdown, and no one to watch over us, we're raising our transmitter to 100 Million Watts!

Cat Country 107.3 is now the most powerful radio station in the world!

You are welcome!

(Note: This is really just a big lie. We know that you don't mess with the FCC - even if its workers are home in their PJs, sitting on the couch, eating Captain Crunch and watching Dr. Phil. You can still listen to Cat Country anywhere in the world, though! Click on the Listen Live Button here on our website, or download the free Radio Pup App for your phone.)