Hello fellow leprechauns!  Happy St. Patrick's Day (eve!)!  Just for fun, here are some cool things that you can do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

www.Irelandseye.com/leprechaun/webcam.htm - Go leprechaun hunting from the comfort of your own home!  This webcam is positioned in an Irish field, so visitors can catch a glimpse of a real leprechaun!  The webcam overlooks a fairy ring in County Tipperary, Ireland - an area well known to be haunted by leprechauns and other Irish fairies!

www.Irishabroad.com/culture/pubs/directory/list.asp?Rgn=USA - A list of all the Irish pubs and bars in the world!

Stump your co-workers with a St. Patrick's Day quiz!

1. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated to commemorate what? (The day St. Patrick died.)

2. When did St. Patrick die? (March 17th, 461 A.D.)

3. Where was St. Patrick born? (Scotland)

4. What does legend say St. Patrick drove out of Ireland? (Snakes)

5. When and where was the first U.S. St. Patrick's Day celebration? (Boston in 1737)

6. What does the shamrock signify? (The trinity - the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit)

7. What is the national symbol of Ireland? (A harp)

8. Where does a leprechaun hide his gold? (At the end of the rainbow)

9. What are leprechauns skilled at? (Shoemaking)

10. What happens when you kiss the Blarney stone? (You get the gift of gab)

11. Where is the Blarney stone? (A stone in Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland)

12. Where in the U.S. is St. Patrick's Day celebrated by coloring the river green? (Chicago)

13. What does "Erin Go Braugh" mean? (Ireland Forever)

14. What incident in Ireland led to the large influx of immigrants to the U.S. between 1847 and 1854? (The potato famine)

15. What does "Slainte" mean? (Cheers!)

Have a Happy (and safe!) St. Patrick's Day!!