Here's what's happening in the pop culture world today!  You will be well prepared for water-cooler talk today!

Tracy Morgan is a married man! Fourteen months after a horrific highway crash left him fighting for his life, the comedian wed his long-time fiancée Megan Wollover in an intimate and moving ceremony Sunday night.

So in addition to his two Ashley Madison accounts, Josh Duggar was also registered on the dating website OK Cupid.  But he used another guy's picture in his profile, and that guy is suffering for it.  His name is Matthew McCarthy, and he's a DJ.  And he may have been chosen because his picture comes up when you do a Google Image search for "Random Guy".  McCarthy says he's already lost a DJ gig and he's considering a lawsuit against Josh for defamation of character.

The man whose home Rosie O'Donnel's daughter was found in has been charged with endangerment of a child and public communication of obscenity.  It was reported that Chelsea met the convict on the dating app Tinder.  Meanwhile, Rosie's 81-year-old father died after a battle with cancer.

Ben Affleck's former nanny Christine Ouzounian has been offered $1 million to play Batwoman . . . in a Porno!  It's a sequel to a movie called "Batman v. Superman XXX"

Jimmy Fallon has injured himself once again. He chipped his tooth while opening a bottle of medicine for his hand injury.

Jared Fogle was brought down by a female journalist who secretly recorded their horrifying conversations for the FBI.

Radar Online says Mel Gibson attended an Israeli film festival in Australia, where he shoved a female news reporter and unleashed a verbal tirade on her . . . until his girlfriend pulled him away.

Jon Stewart hosted the WWE's "SummerSlam" over the weekend . . . and he even got involved in the action.

Miley Cyrus will host the MTV Music Video Awards this Sunday.

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