Honest Tea, the organic bottled tea company, released its findings from the first "National Honesty Index Social Experiment."  Atlantic City was one of the cities that participated.

So, how honest are we here in AC?

91% honest, so says Honest Tea!

Here's how it worked...

Between August 8 and August 19th, Honest Tea set up an unmanned pop-up kiosk in Atlantic City (as well as 29 other cities across the country) offering beverages for $1 per bottle.

The kicker?  The payment was based on the honor system.

The most honest cities (it was a tie) were Oakland, CA and Salt Lake City, UT with 100% honesty.  AC tied with 91% with Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA and San Antonio, TX.

Nice job AC!

Head over to Honest Tea's website for the full results.