I like kitchen stuff: gadgets, appliances, knives and such.

I like to cook - but, I like to find new ways to work with food, too.

Over the holidays, I was visiting my parents, when I started using my mom's new ceramic knife.

"Be careful" she said. "You'll cut yourself."

She said it just like I was still eleven years old, not at an age where my personal AARP card should be arriving later this year. Anyway, I was careful, and didn't cut myself at all.

I really liked the knife - it's very sharp, and, it worked great. Last week, I found one cheap on line and ordered it.It also came with a ceramic vegetable peeler.. The package arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Excitedly, I opened it as soon as I got it to the kitchen counter. As I literally took the knife out of the box, I cut my thumb. Immediately, there was blood on the knife, on the package, on the counter, and running around my hand. Ugh.

I cleaned it, bandaged it, and called my mom.

"I told you to be careful! Those are sharp!"