Yes, I know there is a major storm hitting the area. Yes, I know there is danger outside. Sometimes, even when there is danger, one gets bored.

So, here's the deal. Our building's roof has sprung it's first leak. We put this fancy waste bucket under it. So. let's make a contest out of it!

In the "Leave a Comment" section below, write in what time you think it will be when this baby starts over-flowing. (We really don't have to worry about it being dumped out before-hand, because, well, I work with a lot of lazy people.)

The first photo was taken at 5:15 this morning. I'll try to provide periodic updates.

Person coming closest to the actual time it starts overflowing wins 2 Carrie Underwood concert tickets. You can only guess once. No cheating. You may bribe me.LOL

Here's a 7:00am update:










12:30pm... Hard to see, but almost 1/3 full: