The gold and silver Olympic medals both contain the same amount of silver and a bronze medal is worth less than a value meal at McDonald's.

I found an interesting article on today, which explained how much a Olympic medal is worth. The prized gold medal only contains six grams of gold and is 93 percent silver. In comparison, the silver medal is also 93 percent silver.

Melted down, the raw materials of an Olympic gold medal would fetch about $650; a silver medal is about $335.

What about a bronze medal -- which is almost all copper? Five bucks.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to win an Olympic medal, chances are you won't be running home from London and posting it on eBay.

To put things in perspective, the Stanley Cup, melted down, would be worth about $24,000 (obviously there's more metal) and a Super Bowl trophy is in the $4,500 range.