Thanks to Joe Kelly, we all got to see Big Bird on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.  But how did SNL actually get Big Bird to appear on the variety show?

PBS has long stated that they are not political and they won't comment on political banter.  So, Lorne Michales had to pull some strings to get Big Bird to appear on SNL this past Saturday night.

According to NBC 10, Lorne Michaels said,

"There’s always all this swirl,” Michaels told the Times, describing the build-up to last weekend's post-debate show. “And then you’re fighting to get Big Bird on the phone.”

Michaels, in a rare move, gave the Children's Television Network the script for Big Bird's approval before the show Saturday night.  Classically, when Seth Myers asked Big Bird for a statement about the presidential debate, Big Bird's answer,

"I don’t want to ruffle any feathers."

Perfectly stated Big Bird, perfectly stated.

Watch the full clip from SNL here.