Now, I'm no Easter Bunny. But If you're anything like me, you tend to be a perfectionist...especially when it comes to gift-giving! I always want to make sure that the gifts are EXTRA special, for that special someone (find out who that is below). So without further ado... Here's how you make the PERFECT Easter basket for the holiday this Sunday!

  • 1

    A Fun-Colored Basket

    Whether it be woven or plastic, your basket MUST be colorful and fun! The hottest trend this year has been animated baskets with characters from Frozen, Trolls, or even Cars... but if you ask me, I like to keep it traditional and neutral in color since this basket could be going to a boy OR a girl!

    Credit: Rachel Marie
  • 2

    Strong Foundation

    Like any human, an Easter basket needs all the support it can get! Especially when it comes to holding all the goods going inside. SO get some super colorful Easter Grass to fluff up and brighten your basket!  This will also help prop up all your goodies to make your basket look visibly more full then it actually is...

    Credit: Rachel Marie
  • 3

    The Hottest Game/ Toy

    It’s what’s on the inside that counts. So the new beauty and the beast doll, exclusive lego Luke’s Landspeeder, and Fast and Furious Cars will put Kids on the fast track to fun.

    BUT for my secret, special someone; I threw in a set of bunny ears and marshmallows because they're very crucial when it comes to playing the game I have in mind...CHUBBY BUNNY! The ears will really help him/her fit the part!

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    Colorful Eggs With Surprises Inside

    Every basket needs colorful eggs! Whether it be for the kids during the Easter Egg Hunt, or just for a pop-of-color, EVERYONE loves finding an easter egg with a surprise inside!

    For my eggs, I filled them with fruity and sweet jellybeans, since fully plan on drenching this basket in chocolate...I wanted to add some variety!

    Credit: Rachel Marie
  • 5

    Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

    Easter wouldn’t’ be complete without Chocolate Eggs! Or chocolate in general…

    Fun thing about chocolate is that it comes in all shapes and sizes! So really, anything shaped in Easter theme MUST go into the basket: Egg shaped, carrot shaped, bunny shaped. GET IT ALL.

    Credit: Rachel Marie
  • 6


    Is absolutely, positively, 1000% a CHOCOLATE BUNNY! The edible figure is the epitome of the hallmark version of the holiday (we can't forget what the holiday is all about!)

    FUN TIP: Apparently, 80% of people will start eating their chocolate bunny by the ears. But the other 20% of people start with the bunny's...BUTT. So throw a bunny into the basket and see which statistic your special someone fits under!

    Credit: Rachel Marie