My sarcastic answers to questions posed to me over the last week.

We had a terrific time cruising around South Jersey and giving away 5,000 Kenny Chesney tickets over the last several days!

I must admit, we were thrown a lot of, well, odd questions. While I was proud of myself for not saying these things out loud, I now share them with you. Again, this is not how I responded - but, how I responded in my own head.

Q. "Who's Kenny Chesney?"
A. "You can't win."
Q. "Where's Wildwood?"
A. "You can't win."
Q. "How come the concert isn't anyone better."
A. "You can't win."
Q. "It's not fair that I didn't win."
A. "I think it's God's will."
Q. "I work, I can't go to any of the stops."
A. "So, I guess the thousands who showed up over the past 4 days are all unemployed?"
Q. "I took off work just to try to win these tickets."
A. "That wasn't very bright, was it? Now, you'll be free to stand in a lot of lines."
Q. "I had to stand in line with my infant in the hot sun for 3 hours....."
A. "I think this takes you out of the running for `Mother of The Year."