If you recall, about a month, I said I was old because my wife didn't understand my "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" reference to a giant pile of mashed potatoes. Now, I find myself feeling old again.

The wife and I were watching TV the other night and a commercial came on for Sleep Number beds -- you know the ones that allow each side of the bed to be adjusted up and down, depending on what that person feels like laying on. The wife said she would like a bed like that one day, and I said, "oh, like a Craftmatic?"

She didn't know what I was talking about.

You see kids, before Sleep Number beds were around, there were Craftmatic adjustable beds. If you are my age (i.e apparently old) you grew-up seeing Craftmatic bed commercials on TV where they adjust the bed up and down and then some old person in pajamas lays on it and then they go up and down (of course, the Sleep Number beds look nice and smooth compared to the jaggedly not-smooth look of a Craftmatic).

Do they even make Craftmatic beds anymore?

Anyway, back when I felt old the first time, I said I needed to update my pop culture references -- and apparently I was right, 'cause my wife didn't get my reference to Craftmatic adjustable beds.