Joe Kelly followed Jesus the other day. I did not.

No, I was lucky enough to follow "Ms. $ Bitch" on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing last week. I know this because, obviously, her car clearly said who it was.

And that got me to thinking... is it "Ms. $ Bitch" or "Ms. $ comma Bitch?" Because that's two completely different names, depending on if there should be a comma there or not.  I'm thinking no comma because of the proper punctuation following "Ms."  Clearly, she did well in English class in school.

And then I wondered aloud about what possible variations the driver thought about before sticking those letters on the back of her car (and surely increasing the resale value of it).  Did she consider substituting the "s" in "Ms" with the dollar sign?  But then that would make her "M$. Bitch" -- and that doesn't work.

Regardless, the next time you put a, "my son's an honor student at some school" bumper sticker on your car, pause for a moment and consider sticking block letters on your truck instead.  It's much more entertaining.