If you're in the Mays Landing area, and you haven't been to the newly-renovated Walmart, you need to go because there is much to see!

Well, besides all the people who dress funny while they shop.

Walmart has added what amounts to a full-size grocery store under its roof. It's expected to greatly impact grocery stores in the area.

While skipping up and down the new aisles, I came across the best snack food ever. It's Peanut Butter Trail Mix. Mmmmm. It's a mix of Resee's Pieces, peanut butter drops, peanuts, and pretzels. I enjoyed some over the weekend -- and, I wasn't even on a trail!

The new Walmart seems to offer a larger selection of items than most area stores, and I expect them to get busier and busier and busier in the weeks to come.

The Cat Country Morning Show will be at the Mays Landing Walmart on Halloween morning for our Great Pumpkin Drop.