I might not be a fashionista.....but, after watching the Grammy Awards last night, maybe I can start dressing better.

Let's see, what did I learn?

*Pantsuits are back in vogue (See! I knew there was something about Hillary Clinton!)

*If you decorate your nails real pretty, you can show them off in a camera inside a tiny little box! (Yes, I watched the Red Carpet Broadcast on E!)

*If you don't decorate your nails real pretty, but you bite them, you can still show them off inside a tiny little box. (Tim McGraw)

*Weird green is in! (Katy Perry)

*You can save money, by not having material on your left shoulder or right leg. (Jennifer Lopez.)

*If you wear a dark colored hoodie and use a white cane, people will think you're much cooler than they thought you were before. (If you, like me, only thought white canes were for BLIND PEOPLE, you need to start expanding your fashion horizons. Think outside the box!)