Excitement abounds - I have a new kitchen floor!

It looks great!

I've been working with Lumber Liquidators, on the Black Horse Pike in Pleasantville over the last few weeks on getting a new floor for my kitchen. It has now become a reality!

A few weeks ago, I did a live broadcast from Lumber Liquidators, and right away, I noticed what an amazing selection they have! I took my wife back to the store and together, with some of your help, we chose a new floor for our kitchen.

Even though our house is fairly new, less than 10 years old, we haven't been big fans of our kitchen floor. It was a very white-colored sheet vinyl, that always seemed to look dingy, even when it was clean.

The floor we chose is a click vinyl, that looks just like a hardwood floor. Since I have trouble doing anything that requires even basic handyman skills, we went with a professional installer, through Lumber Liquidators.

The 3 man team got to our house mid-morning (about 9am), and they were finished by early afternoon (about 1:30pm). Everything is finished, with the exception of some transition pieces that go between the kitchen and the main entry-way, the kitchen and the dining room, and the kitchen and our family room. Those pieces were special order, and should be in soon.

Early returns on our floor by our family have been overwhelmingly positive. The floor is very comfortable to walk on, and it certainly brings some needed color to our very-light kitchen. It really feels like it makes the whole room - and the whole downstairs of our house - much warmer and inviting.

We'll live with the floor for a while - and, I'll update you soon. In the meantime here's some before and after photos.


This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner Lumber Liquidators.