If you've ever driven down Route 73 in Winslow to get to the shore, you've seen the huge, 24 foot statue of Mr. Bill.  Well, Mr. Bill's is reopening after 2 years!

John and Cheryl Ernst are recent retirees, but they felt compelled to buy the iconic ice cream shop and reopen it for their loyal customers.

According to CBS in Philadelphia, the new owners are lacking prior restaurant experience,

“No. I would burn toast,” John said.

But they’re refurbishing the restaurant, aiming for a re-opening this month. John says customers apparently can’t wait…

“Every day I’m here working, 14-15 cars stop,” he said, “hoping that it’s open by virtue of the fact that there’s a few workmens’ cars here, plus mine.”

Everything will stay the same - except - the 24 foot statue of Mr. Bill is getting a paint job and the prices are..... Going down!

The menu will remain as is.  Ice cream, custard and sandwiches.  They hope to open sometime in June.

Source: CBS 3