Like most of America, I went to Twitter to try and find out who the beautiful young woman was that sang with Eric Church on Sunday night's ACM Awards.

She was a gorgeous woman with an even prettier voice.  Nobody could answer me on Twitter, so I did some research on my own.

According to, Her name is Valerie June and she's from Memphis, Tennessee.  She calls herself a proprietor of "organic moonshine roots music."  I love that.

So where did she come from?  How did she get to sing at the ACM's?  Why was she not recognized in the credits or by the announcer?

Again, according to,

"Born in Jackson, Tennessee and raised around Gospel music, her father was a music promoter who worked with gospel musicians and even Prince. When she was 19, Valerie moved to Memphis and began collaborating with a band called the Broken String Collective. With her absolutely unparalleled vocal command and a woody, authentic tone, Valerie June eventually caught the ear of Old Crow Medicine Show, and in 2009 released an EP with the band called Valerie June & The Tennessee Express."

Well, thankfully Eric Church knew who she was and got her on stage to sing an absolutely beautiful acoustic version of 'Like Jesus Does.'  Church lost his signature aviators and baseball hat for the stripped down version of his latest single while, almost appearing out of nowhere, like a ghost, Valerie June sang background vocals.

Simply stunning.  One of my favorite performances of the night.  Thankfully, the sound was spot on for this performance....

Watch the performance here -