Is Garth Brooks trying to tell us something - or, is he just toying with us.

An email to fans who signed up on his website was sent out last week, saying, "The sevens have aligned. It has begun... Thank you for, g"

Not quite sure what that means.

On his website, you'll currently find a "g" in a circle, flashing on and off screen, with the words "It has begun...." popping up every few second.

Again, either somethings brewing, or someone's messing with us.

With the exception of a couple shows here and there, and appearances in Las Vegas, Garth Brooks has been "retired" since 2001. He said, at the time, he wanted to wait until his kids grew up before venturing out on the road again. His youngest daughter just turned 17. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, said back in August that her and Brooks were going to work on a joint album, with a tour possibly to follow.

Stay tuned!