How long do you hold out hope for a missing pet? When is it time to move on?

Owners of a Mays Landing dog are now over two months in the search of their missing dog, Luna. A website, posters, fliers, and a reward are all being used to help the family find Luna, a 2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier.

According to the Facebook page, Come back home, Luna. Yorkie, the dog was "originally Luna was stolen. But we believe that by now, she is not with that person anymore. If she is with anybody, she is picked up by a kind person. So if you happen to have her, there will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED and we know you were not involved with the break-in. We are not interested in finding the person(s) who broke in, we just want our baby back."

The current reward for the missing pet? $2,400!

So, what do you think? How much time is enough? How much reward is enough? Please comment below.