For whatever reason, I've been talking about cheeseburgers a lot. Yesterday, it was the seven-patty monster from Steak 'n Shake. Today, I've learned that McDonald's is taking some stuff off of their menu... is your favorite treat getting shelved?

According to the Associated Press, McDonald's is saying goodbye to Chicken Selects and their Fruit and Walnut Salad and they are considering removing all of their angus burgers. The idea behind the move is so they can offer more limited time items, like Fish McBites instead (does anyone else find themselves singing the Fish McBites jingle?).

"After years of outperforming rivals, McDonald's has been struggling as competitors including Burger King and Wendy's step up their marketing and menu offerings. Fast-food chains are also fighting to attract customers at a time when people are being more careful about where they spend their money."

And, personally, taking a few things off of the menu at McDonald's isn't a bad thing. Have you actually stopped to look at a McDonald's menu board lately? Between the dozen or more breakfast meals and the dozen or more not-breakfast meals and all of their coffee offerings and drinks and whatnot, it's huge!