You did not get tickets for the Blake Shelton free Atlantic City beach concert. It's not fair.

It's totally not fair.


Tickets for the July 31st Blake Shelton free concert in Atlantic City (and the Lady Antebellum show a few days later) were made available through Ticketmaster yesterday  morning... and they quickly sold out.

Scrolling through Facebook, I keep coming across comments from people saying, "It's not fair."

You know what? Life isn't fair. There are winners and losers in everything. Not everyone wins all the time and not everyone loses all the time.

In sports, there is USUALLY a winner and a loser in every game. (Unless it's one of those kids sports leagues that doesn't keep score.)

Not everyone wins the lottery. Actually, statistic-wise, hardly anyone wins the lottery.

Not everyone gets straight As, not everyone lands a $200,000 a year job. It's just life.

Yesterday was a case of supply and demand. A lot of people wanted tickets.... but, there was only a limited amount available.

Cheer up. Maybe you'll be a winner next time.