Do you think there's a little too much pop in your country?  Think there's too much hip-hop and not enough steel guitar?  Well, then you just take a listen to Jake Owen's new single, 'Days of Gold.'

The rocking song plays heavy with a banjo, a harmonica and a fast pace.  The song is all about the glory days of youth.  Young, dumb and having fun!

"It's a southern summer / Whiskey's in the air, dogs on the burner / Beers ice cold, gotta pretty little lady to hold / Southern summer / And that sunshine shining down like Daddy's silver dollar / Hop on the old dirt road and the days of gold."

Agreeably, 'Days of Gold' is a show-closer.  And I can't wait to hear him sing it loud and proud!

Listen to Jake Owen's 'Days of Gold' here -