Jana Kramer's second single 'Whiskey' proves that's she's into this country thing for the long haul.

The singer/actress debuted this song back in 2011 on her TV show 'One Tree Hill.'  But it didn't really make an impression until she put it on her album Jana Kramer that came out in June of 2012.

I think some people (including me) didn't give Jana Kramer a fair chance at first because she was already a successful actress.  I thought maybe she wouldn't be the real deal until I listened to 'Why Ya Wanna' a couple more times!  She is the real deal!

And I almost like 'Whiskey' better than 'Why Ya Wanna,' which I loved.  'Whiskey' is a pretty song, she seemed to twang it up a little bit, which I like.

She sings,"Should have just called it like I saw it / Should have just called for help and ran like hell that day / The burn and the sting and the high and the heat and the left me one more feeling when he kissed me / Should have just called him 'Whiskey'"

Every girl I know has had that experience before!

Listen to Jana Kramer's 'Whiskey" here -