Jason Aldean is a hit-maker.  We already know that.  But, for me, his latest singles have been less than stellar.  That's just my opinion.  And that's not to say that I hate them, I just prefer his older stuff.  Then I heard 'Night Train.'

To many, 'Night Train' might seem generic and a little stale.  To me, it's a piece of my past.  It's a love story and reminiscent of 'Footloose.'

Not to mention the great lyrics and singing.

"About a mile off of Old Mill Road / At that spot nobody knows / We'll park the truck and we take off runnin' / Hurry up girl I hear it comin' / Got a moon and a billion stars / The sound of steel and old boxcars / The thought of you is driving me insane / Come on baby let's go listen to the night train."

That really sounds like a Friday night where I grew up!

'Night Train' is definitely aimed at the more mainstream fan, but Aldean proves himself as a great singer.

Listen to 'Night Train' here -