Jennifer Nettles was rocking an amazing body in her first post baby appearance at the Billboard Music Awards!  But what was her secret to getting back in shape?

She (unfortunately for the rest of us!!) said that it came down to genetics, breastfeeding, exercise and nutrition.

I get the genetics part, but Nettles explains how breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day. Exercise and nutrition came next, saying that she began to walk two months after her son, Magnus, was born and began working with a trainer the next month.

We'll get to see a lot more of Nettles in the coming months, as she plans to release her first solo album in the fall. The project doesn't mean the end of Sugarland, she promises.

You can read the journal article that Jennifer Nettles posted on her website to get the full story on how she lost her baby weight HERE.