Ok, here's the deal - The new season of Duck Dynasty starts tonight on A&E.  (I'm SO excited!!)  So, the fellas of the show are making the rounds promoting the new season.  Well, they were scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  So was Morrissey.

Morrissey is the singer/songwriter that was originally the lead singer of the band The Smiths.  Then he ventured out on his own and hasn't done a whole lot since about 1998.  Well, he's making a bit of a solo comeback, so he's trying to get booked on shows like Kimmel and Fallon.

Well, Morrissey is a vegan and a staunch animal rights activist.  So, he told Jimmy Kimmel that it was either him or the cast of Duck Dynasty.  Morrissey didn't want to perform on the same night with "animal serial killers."  That's a direct quote from Morrissey's press release to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel picked Duck Dynasty...

Now, I understand his point, a good friend of mine is a vegan.  But she and I can still go out to dinner and hang out and she leads a completely normal life.  Morrissey, under this veil, wouldn't be able to walk out of the house.  As Jimmy Kimmel mentions in the video below, it's virtually impossible to lead a life in which he would never cross paths with a meat eater.  Or a hunter, for that matter.

Morrissey doesn't have to agree with the Duck Dynasty folks or agree with their ethics and morals in regards to duck hunting.  But I think it's silly to be willing to cancel your performance because you disagree.  Morrissey only hurt Morrissey.

And sure, everyone is talking about it today, he's getting press.  Any press is good press, right?  I suppose.  I still think it was a stupid decision.  Play your song, perform your best and move on.

The best part of the whole situation is the video and spoof that Jimmy Kimmel put together.  It's brilliant, as usual.