Have a hankering for an adult beverage in a child-beverage-like container?

Then Gosolina's Party in a Pouch is for you. It's a juice box (or juice-bag) for grown-ups!

I had some Sangriiia the other day for the first time. It's just like Sangria, except it's spelled differently, and it comes in a pouch, with a straw. The straw is actually right in the package, and pops out when you open it, unlike a kids' drink, which you have to poke the straw into the hole. I think the manufacturers determined that alcohol- impaired adults might have a difficult time trying to poke the straw into the little hole....

Taste? Not so bad. Pretty good actually. I only had one, so, my bet is that once you're on your fourth or fifth, it probably won't matter

I had mine on an airplane - I'm not sure if our local liquor stores have them in stock yet. Maybe they're kept by the candy cigarettes.