Kenny Chesney's new album, "Life on a Rock" is available as of today.  A great song called 'Spread the Love' is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  You can help "spread the love" by purchasing the song online.  Kenny Chesney will donate all the proceeds to the "Spread the Love Fund" he's started.

Like all of us, Kenny Chesney watched, in horror, the events of the Boston Marathon bombings.

What could he do?

For starters, he donated a lot of his own money to begin the "Spread the Love Fund."  Next, he decided to donate all of the proceeds of his new song to the fund.

"...all of Chesney's proceeds from the downloaded iTunes single sales of "Spread the Love," his track co-written and produced by the Wailers, go to the fund, which will benefit post-acute care for victims of traumatic injuries from the Boston Marathon bombings at BMC or other Boston hospitals."

Chesney wants to remind people that there are more good people than bad people in the world,

“It’s hard to imagine a world where taking your children to school, going to the movies or witnessing something as iconic as the Boston Marathon is a dangerous thing to do,” Chesney says. “For me, I want to help give these people as much of their lives back as possible, but I’d also like to counteract some of the negativity in the world… Remind people that there are more good people out there, and it’s up to us to ‘Spread the Love."

Download Chesney's new song 'Spread the Love' HERE.  Also, Boston Medical Center has established a dedicated link to help "Spread the Love,"  click HERE.