Kenny Chesney's new single, "Pirate Flag" is classic Chesney.  The song talks about leggy models, salty air and island living.

Cat Country 107.3 started playing the new tune last week in heavy rotation.  And for good reason.  The song isn't immediately catchy, but keep listening and you won't be able to get the soft melody out of your head.

This song lends a good look into the singer's new album, "Life on a Rock" which will hit stores on April 30th.  I think it will be classic Chesney, more flirty, fun lyrics and Caribbean melodies.  "Welcome to the Fishbowl", Chesney's last album, was more introspective.

"I spend my whole life running around / Still have the wind come and blow me around / I dropped a note in a bottle / To a long-legged model / And I traded it in for a whole 'nother world / A pirate flag and an island girl."

He sings in "Pirate Flag" about that long-legged model, that's the Chesney we know and love!

Don't get me wrong, I loved every song on "Fishbowl," but a song like this is the reason I started going to the islands.  Enjoy it this summer in the sunshine with a fruity adult beverage.

Listen to "Pirate Song" here -