Last week, Kid Rock's home in Michigan was burglarized, and the singer has no problem publicly dishing out the surveillance photos and a serious warning to any would-be burglars. 

Thanks to the security system, the man was shown walking on crutches on the rocker's property, according to Loudwire. Although the suspect tried to get into the house, he was unsuccessful.

After Kid Rock's home was invaded, the singer took to the internet, posting a blog on his website titled 'Don't Mess With a Mother Fu-- Like Me.'

He wrote,

"Thank God I was not on the property at the time of this attempted break in. I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives. I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are and YES, I do profile people. I am currently profiling any balding white male on crutches driving a white creeper van. Please contact the Oakland County Sheriff Tip Line at 1.800.773.2587 with any information on this jacka--. I am offering a $5K reward for any information leading to his arrest."

His plea for help worked because the police found the man and arrested him this past Saturday.