Wow, what a week in Atlantic City!

The Atlantic City Alliance did something more successfully than anyone has been able to do in recent memory: Show that Atlantic City can show you a good time outside of those casino walls.

(Of course, the point was to also get people into the city to  have a good time inside the casinos.....)

The Alliance put on two quality concerts that brought in a lot of people to the city. Both concerts seem to go off without much more than a hiccup here or there.  Sure a few knuckleheads spoiled it for some people - or themselves, but for the most part people went home happy.

The choice of  the primary acts was a good one. They choose two acts, Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum, who were very good draws. Personally, my only complaint were that the overall shows were a little short for such a venue. Most people were on the beach for several hours before the live music began. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, more than one opening act would be a good idea.

There were complaints about the ticketing procedures, but it proved to probably the best case scenario. Certainly, not requiring people to have a ticket would not have worked for the Blake Shelton concert. There would have just been too many people for a limited space. Even as it was, people were packed in some areas, with some occasional pushing and shoving.

One big complaint we heard over and over: a couple casinos were charging $50 for parking. Solution: don't park there. There were plenty of other options. In reality, those casinos were charging so much because they wanted to discourage you from parking there - they wanted to save the space for their overnight guests - which certainly makes good business sense. These days, anywhere  you go for a concert, or a ballgame, or whatever, you're usually going to pay a premium for parking.

In the end, I give the Atlantic City Alliance, and Atlantic City itself, a solid A for a couple of great events. I can't wait to DO AC again!