Lee Brice's new single, "Parking Lot Party' is a great summertime anthem!

The previous Lee Brice hits like 'I Drive Your Truck' and 'A Woman Like You' are soft, sensual and even tearful.  But 'Parking Lot Party' is a far departure for the South Carolina native.

Maybe he needed a little pick-me-up after all those love songs!

The song is a great party tune, he sings about the pretty girls hanging out in the parking lot before a big show.

"Cause there ain't no party like the pre-party / And after the party is the after-party / At the parking lot party."

It's a fun song, not serious, not mushy and a whole lotta fun!

"Well the opening band is doin' sound-check (Man they sound pretty good) / Hell, I ain't even bought no tickets yet / Yeah, but that's alright, we don't care / Cause all the pretty girls are sittin' right here / Kicking back in the lawn chairs."

Sounds like the perfect summertime song to me.

Listen to Lee Brice's 'Parking Lot Party' here -