I heard this song before Sunday night's performance on the ACM's.  I liked the song, but after watching Little Big Town's performance of it, I now love the song.

What a moving performance!  And the song is something that (I'm sure) resonates with a lot of couples that have fallen out of that "honeymoon phase" of their relationship.

And to watch and listen to the two couples of LBT perform the song, one might think that there's trouble in paradise!  Not so, thankfully!

"Tell me how, how'd you get so far away / All we have left are the memories of the love we made / Are you sleepin' with your own regret / On your side of the bed."

Man, that's intense.  And I bet this song is hard for a person to hear that may be going through this scenario at home.

But it's a beautiful song, obviously it's a beautiful performance live and easily another huge hit for Little Big Town.

Hear 'Your Side of the Bed' here -

And watch Little Big Town perform 'Your Side of the Bed' on the 2013 ACM Awards from this past Sunday here -