If your kids have ever seen a magician in their school, at a fair, or at a birthday party, chances are that magician was Chad Juros.

Juros has been entertaining South Jersey kids - and, of course, adults - for, believe it or not, about 20 years! (Yes, he was a young kid when he started.)

In those 20 years, Juros has grown from a local magician to someone who has entertained around the nation and around the world.

His story, retold on his website, includes a battle with leukemia at an early age, and the appreciation, love, and leaning of magic as a distraction from the fear and pain her endured during treatments.

Now, Juros hits prime team with a big appearance on the CW Network TV Show, "Penn & Teller: Fool Us." On the show, magicians perform their best trick for a live studio audience and Penn & Teller. The magicians' goal is to perform a trick that now even Penn & Teller can figure out how it's done. If a magician is successful, he or she is invited back for an end-of-the-year finale.

According to Juros' Facebook page, he's scheduled to make an appearance on the show on September 28th.

Good Luck, Chad!