Memo to all wives, mothers, and members of the clergy: You know that big new place with the strippers opening up in Atlantic City? Don't worry about your guy going there, because "there's nothing offensive."

Those words are attributed to to Bob Gans, managing member of Scores, in this morning's Press of Atlantic City. Gans goes on to say, "I would never own a nude club."

Well, of course not. But he would own a club where women wear g-strings and pasties. And dance on stripper poles. The women,  by the way, will be wearing even less clothing than Miley Cyrus wore the other night on the video music awards show.

Scores is opening a big new "entertainment complex" inside Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal. According to the story in the Press, "The $25 million pleasure palace will feature upscale decor, high-tech wizardry, exclusive VIP rooms, a sports bar and other amenities - in addition to erotic dancers performing on stripper poles."

Well, as long as the decor is upscale......

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