Cat Country 107.3 is bringing Marlee Scott to Vineland Monday night!

It's another edition of Cat Country Unplugged at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Lounge in Vineland Monday night with Marlee Scott!

As a kid in Canada, Marlee Scott had a lot of interest in music. She took guitar and vocal lessons, but started to drift away from country music. One day, during a car ride, she shares this story about what happened:

Country music has always been a part of me, but around the time I was sixteen, I was listening to a lot more pop music on the radio. I remember riding in the car with my friends one day, and a song we didn't really like came on, so we switched it over to the country station. Alabama’s 'Mountain Music' was playing. We liked the groove, so we left the radio tuned to the country station. I guess we just never changed it back!

We're getting a ton of requests for "Train Wreck," Marlee Scott's new duet with Vince Gill on Cat Country 107.3 and we're looking forward to seeing her Monday night in Vineland! You can see her, too! We have chances for you to win tickets to Cat Country Unplugged all weekend and early Monday on Cat Country 107.3!