Do you have a neighbor you can't stand? Someone who's out of control? A Mays Landing woman went on a national TV show yesterday, telling the world about her neighbor.

Sydney Phoenix was featured on the TV show, Inside Edition yesterday, saying, "I am fearful of leaving my house everyday, but, I have to."

Phoenix contends that she lives across the street from "the neighbor from Hell."

According to a story posted on the Inside Edition website:

Phoenix has now filed a lawsuit—not against the neighbor, but against the company that built her house. She alleges that they knew the neighbor was difficult, but never told her.

She said, “I definitely feel I should have been warned about this neighbor."

Her feud with the neighbor started when she says he refused to move his cars parked in front of her house. It's escalated from there.

No word in what part of Mays Landing Phoenix lives, who her neighbor is, or what things he has allegedly done.