If you're living in or near Atlantic City (hey, that's me!), the advice from an online article is that you should move away. Quickly.

A website called citiesjournal.com has released an article titled, "Top 15 Cities You Should Move Away From." The article begins with: "While pondering where to live is meaningful, pondering where NOT to live is equally momentous. During a time when people are flocking to cities like Portland, Raleigh and Dallas for incentives including jobs, cost of living and quality of life, these 15 cities offer little more than the incentive to flee."

If you love living near Atlantic City, you should look away now.

Coming it at number 7.... higher than East L.A. and Anchorage....Atlantic City.


According to the article:

Governor Chris Christie declared this former 1920s upscale resort town to be “dying,” but we’re not sure resuscitation attempts would do any good. With casinos losing money and a 14.4 percent unemployment rate, the town was recently hit with an even more sobering development: a credit downgrade from Moody’s.

While A.C. took several gasping breaths during its long, drawn out death throes, most failed. The glittering Borgata was intended to entice the rich and the famous, but ended up filled with one-arm-bandit-loving octogenarians looking for a $2.99 steak dinner. Not to mention the highly publicized exodus of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and his upscale 40/40 Club; the shuttering of the Atlantic Club Casino; and swirling rumors about the flailing Revel.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t do any favors to this once-glamorous destination spot for the well-heeled and former “adult playground of the world,” but this town was well underwater before the first waves rolled in thanks to the competition from casinos and raceways in other states, including in nearby Philadelphia, New York, and Delaware. The number of visitors to A.C. fell woefully in 2013 — for the 8th straight year since its 2005 heyday.

Heralded by many as “the next Detroit,” Atlantic City boasts 25 percent poverty rates against a backdrop of seedy temptation and excess — in short, the very definition of depressing.