It's a movie that I've been wanting to see for several months, after catching the previews in the movie theater.

"Noah" opened over the weekend, and I hurried to the theater to see it in its first weekend of release.

I was not disappointed.

I saw the movie in IMAX - is there any better way to see a movie, these days? Seeing it on the ever larger than life screen and the surround sound made it even more enjoyable.

"Noah" doesn't exactly follow the story from the bible. There are some "creative" differences that set it apart from the story you read in the Bible - or learned about in Sunday School.

Yes, there is a flood and a big boat! I'll let you experience the differences first hand, rather than spill the beans here..

I will say the differences, especially at the beginning of the movie, prompted at least a few of our fellow moviegoers to say, "I don't think we're in the right movie."

"Noah" proved to be entertaining, riveting, and "creative." It certainly kept my attention. I thought Russell Crowe did a fantastic job in portraying Noah.

I say, go see this movie. Maybe not for the accuracy of the story as you remember... but, for the unique view of the story-telling angle.